Intergalactic Intelligence (New Ruddy Eclipse Version)

Somewhat related to the previous weblog post (don't forget to vote to laissez passer a VR kit to the Cube2 developers), I tin shipping away convey yous the intelligence that yous tin shipping away right away download a novel position out (1.3 Galactic Edition) of Red Eclipse. By the words of the developers this is to a greater extent than oft than non a bugfix release:
This position out sees a semi-stabilisation of the gameplay inward favour of implementing a multifariousness of bugfixes too user requests. We've removed some one-time cruft too implemented a few novel game types to supercede them, similar coop (humans care high powered bots), too king-of-the-hill (control too defend ane flag). Due to the popularity of the impulse/parkour organization nosotros accept introduced a novel "impulse vaulting", where yous tin shipping away concord downward your parkour telephone substitution to "vault" over depression obstacles, making it that much easier to navigate roughly busy levels.
But yous tin shipping away read upwardly on the amount changelog inward the position out thread on our forums. Oh too mayhap yous tin shipping away help them out too practise a novel teaser video for their website?

On our forums I was also lately reminded of a Red Eclipse based modern called MekArcade (see to a greater extent than infos on their Moddb site), which every bit yous tin shipping away approximate adds Mechs to the game.
Some MekArcade mechs
Information is otherwise relatively lean (I couldn't discovery whatever discussion on their media license for example... exactly given RE's CC-By-SA licensing system I promise they sticked to the same), exactly they excogitation to position out a starting fourth dimension version relatively presently (Maybe they waited for the RE 1.3 release?).
The screenshots released too then far expect quite squeamish also too starting fourth dimension released video gives off a Mechwarrior similar vibe too, too then I approximate I am looking forwards to their starting fourth dimension position out ;)

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