Great Changes Upcoming For Ufo:Ai

One of the FOSS projects I actually concord honey (mainly because they chose to include a few models made yesteryear myself :p ) is UFO:AI.
For those totally out of the loop: it's a plough based strategy game based on the classic game X-Com utilizing an improved Quake2 engine.

Recently they had a novel release, version 2.4, but the changes upcoming are fifty-fifty cooler (new soldier models in addition to a greatly improved GUI):

More cool screens of those upcoming changes tin live on institute here in addition to here. And here you lot tin notice simply about to a greater extent than equally business office of a slightly older, but soundless interesting interview amongst the developers.

Besides these evolution news, at that spot seems to convey been an informal contest of who tin create the nicer Let's Play videos of UFO:AI ;)

Click hither for Part 2 in addition to Part 3, or banking corporation jibe out this serial of Let's Play videos equally the alternative: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Part 1 starts out amongst an outdated version though).

So if you lot are hooked similar a shot yesteryear this awesome game, you lot powerfulness besides banking corporation jibe out simply about alternatives: OpenXcom in addition to XenoWar. Neither of which has equally much shine in addition to prissy graphics equally UFO:AI however.

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