Good Foss 3D Activeness Rpgs, Nowhere To Travel Found?

Today I got a modest rant:
So at that topographic point are a few genuinely prominent types of games which ought to accept their FOSS representatives, right?
Ok, good a few similar epic even out driven single-player games volition belike never present upwards due to inherent problems to railroad train such games through the FOSS method, but too that lets accept a await what nosotros got:
  • Good in addition to playable FOSS multi-player FPS games nether active development? 
  • Good in addition to playable FOSS RTS games nether active development?
  • Good in addition to playable FOSS racing games nether active development?
  • Flight simulators, plough based strategy?
  • Action RPGs similar Diablo or Torchlight?
    • Hmmm???
Ok... certain yous volition honor another genres (Mechsims, realistic tactical FPS etc.) which also lack a much played/far into evolution FOSS representative, but given the (current) popularity of activity RPGs lets accept a await at what nosotros produce have:

So, at that topographic point is the genuinely cool projection FLARE, which too existence non genuinely playable yet is also to a greater extent than of a nostalgic effort. More playable but also alongside a similar demographic of potential players is Freedroid (besides having a perchance too Linux centric style).

FLARE 2D graphics fashion

Maybe of involvement look to move DawnRPG in addition to PARPG, but for both the inwards a higher house applies every bit good in addition to they look to move going into a rather unlike direction. Besides that, at to the lowest degree the latter seems to move non progressing good lately.

Then at that topographic point are the obscure and/or non-isometric DNT in addition to Lips of Suna. Which are both overnice projects on their ain (especially LoS seems to railroad train nicely every bit of late), but are non genuinely suitable every bit the FOSS reference for activity RPGs...

The entirely game that comes to my heed that would agree is Summoning Wars, which is somewhat playable in addition to fifty-fifty has a single-player campaign, but evolution is genuinely tedious in addition to it is notwithstanding a long means off what I would telephone phone a recommendable game to non-FOSS enthusiasts.

Some novel dungeon wall tests
All inwards all it is a really promising project, which is IMHO concur dorsum past times its lack of content creation tools (mainly, but non entirely a earth editor). This is belike partially because of the intention to accept randomly generated dungeons, but those are notwithstanding genuinely bland to await at, in addition to should move complemented past times parts or at to the lowest degree towns that are nicely designed past times mitt (those also exists, but must accept been done inwards a text editor or such ;) ).

Part of the rather tedious evolution I justice was the misfortunate choice of the graphics engine, e.g. OGRE 3D which is maiden a programmers choice (due to overnice features in addition to goodness documentation), but a rather bad FOSS game developers choice inwards my catch (due to the lack of a consummate game-engine features in addition to goodness tools).

There are notwithstanding a few genuinely talented artists trying to contribute (1,2,3), in addition to I of late proposed a creative re-use of 0 A.D. assets, but everything seems to move hitting a route block when it comes to slow tinkering alongside the game in addition to getting things to genuinely run inwards game... in addition to that is genuinely demotivating to potential contributors (FOSS evolution advise 101 ;) ).

So to amount it up? I intend Summoning Wars is genuinely non living upwards to what it could be, in addition to the entirely solution I run into would move the add-on of a novel in addition to genuinely motivated programmer to the squad to solve the tool-chain problems in addition to hence restart the active evolution again. Anyone interested???

P.S.: Not to forget mentioning it: There is also the IrrRPG builder, which could belike move a goodness base of operations to construct an activity RPG too.

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