Gigalomania, Lpc In Addition To Updates

Some of y'all mightiness recollect Mega Lo Mania dorsum from the days when y'all could move amazed yesteryear PC speaker vocalization output... together with thence if y'all pass means likewise much of your childhood playing that game (like me) y'all should likely remain clear of the FOSS remake called Gigalomania!
Gigalomania forthwith using LPC sprites
As the creator recently stated, it forthwith uses the cool Liberated Pixels Cup contender sprites, but at that spot is withal the postulate to supersede the castle graphics alongside nicer ones. Maybe *you* tin aid out alongside that?

On a related note, the LPC coding results are finally in, congratulations to the winners! I promise Bart volition brand a prissy review on the quite awesome games hither on FG soon.

Other recent updates non to move missed:
That's all for forthwith :)

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