Garagegames Raising Coin To Port Mit-Licensed Torque3d To Linux.

Just a quick heads up.  GarageGames is currently raising coin to port their lately opened upwards sourced Torque3D engine to Linux, including editing tools.  Here's a link to their IndieGogo page.  They're using a fixed funding campaign, as well as thus you lot don't convey to worry virtually losing your coin if they don't hit their goal.

We could purpose a capable 3D engine amongst mature, commercial lineament editing tools on Linux (yes, in that place are other FOSS engines that run on Linux, exactly what nosotros don't convey is something that comes some Unity at the minute inwards price of repose of use) -- non to shout the fact that this would opened upwards the door for people to port a lot of existing games.

If you'd similar to encounter this happen, terminal past times their IndieGogo page as well as aid them out.

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