Gamelv: Completely Free, Opened Upwardly Rootage Signal Too Click Post-Soviet Jeopardy Game

Post-Soviet Adventure's protagonist cleaning upwardly the inventory

The story of GameLV: Adventure Game inwards Post Soviet Environment (Post-Soviet Adventure) begins alongside your Canis familiaris having gone missing together with your exclusively Pb beingness a meat production factory. For nearly 1 lx minutes yous point-and-click through pre-rendered environments, hunt pixels, read humorous descriptions and dialogues to accomplish a resolution.

I for 1 appreciate the humour inwards AGiPSE's humor, which I mightiness lead keep a high affinity to due to produce my roots inwards Russian Federation together with my life taking house inwards eastern Berlin most of its time.

Be warned though: references to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography together with violence are mutual inwards this game.

Post-Soviet Adventure is available inwards English linguistic communication together with Latvian languages, both text together with voice, although the English linguistic communication voices are incomplete.

The engine features savegames together with scene animations together with uses icon masks to gear upwardly define interactive areas. Text files appear to travel used for defining the game.

To purpose voices, encounter next note:

So hither is GameLV HEAD from our local repo alongside one-half agency done english speech that has terrible pronunciation together with was abandoned.
That "assemble" is the same equally "data" directory on, but pose your binary inwards at that topographic point and run.
P.S. My uplink to unusual countries is slow, together with thus it should accept a while for yous download it. [mediafire mirror]
P.S.S If yous desire to run latvian version upshot (in gather directory)
sed "s/\-en//" *.lst -i
UI volition nevertheless travel inwards english because UI strings are compiled into engine.
Both code together with fine art are freely licensed together with the really prissy music was fifty-fifty written together with performed for the game. Some sounds lead keep unknown sources though together with finding freely licensed replacements on Freesound together with OpenGameArt would travel a agency to contribute to the project.

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