Fundraising For Gpl Game Plee The Bear

This is a invitee post past times Julien Jorge, developer, creative individual together with instrumentalist behind the opened upwards source indie games Plee the Bear together with Andy's Super Great Park, hither to acquaint the fundraising crusade he launched for the former.

Some years ago, alongside the assistance of 3 of my friends together with anonymous people on the web, I bring created Plee the Bear, a corking platformer inward which you lot play an angry deport whose boy has been kidnapped past times god. Here is a guy difficult to brave! You sure volition jump inward this amazing journeying to discovery together with rescue your son. Because you lot desire to rescue him, don't you? Or to slap him? Maybe both….

The game was a spare fourth dimension projection for a long time, so nosotros of late decided to do a real, full, complete, fun together with master copy version out of the prototype. We bring so created our company, Stuffomatic, published a get-go game together with directly nosotros are launching a fundraising crusade for Plee the Bear!

The prototypes of the game bring ever been released for Windows together with Linux every bit complimentary software, available nether the damage of the GNU GPL together with the CC by-sa licenses. The latest version contains 3 levels of the storyline together with 4 mini-games; together with has already generated really positive criticisms (e.g. on The Linux Game Tome). Players loved the fun, the graphics together with the music; other indie developers were pleasantly surprised past times the technical skills together with the details of the game; together with people inward the complimentary software movement appreciated the overall procedure together with the lineament of the resources, remarkable for a complimentary game.

All these feedbacks motivated us to consummate the game together with to launch a fundraising crusade to assistance the development. The crusade is organized inward gild to implement the novel contents of the game 1 later on the other, each fourth dimension alongside a novel fundraiser. So, for the initial one, the characteristic you lot are welcome to back upwards is a consummate refresh of the existing work. You tin sack run into the details on the project's page on OpenFunding but allow me demo you lot how the game volition look:

To last compared alongside the electrical flow release:

(The enshroud is larger inward the novel version, it's non simply Plee who is smaller…) 

The animations volition too last reworked. For example, hither is a comparing of the changes inward the animation of Plee walking. The old version is on the brilliant stripes, the novel 1 is inward the dark stripes:

If you lot are a game developer, you lot may bring already used or so complimentary resources from websites similar or If you lot are a gamer, you lot may bring played games using the resources of such websites. In both cases, you lot are sure enough interested past times our procedure consisting of releasing each utilisation of the game nether a complimentary license. Actually, nosotros bring of late started to provide alongside our assets.

So, if you lot similar our project:
This way, nosotros volition all larn toward a fun together with practiced game :)

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