Fundraiser: Fantasy Brute Nether Creative Park Attribution-Sharealike

Free the Monsters! is a collaborative Indiegogo motility to practise together with percentage 5 fantasy brute 3d models nether CC-BY-SA 3.0

5 3d models together with ten industrial plant of concept fine art volition endure released if the finish of USD5000 is reached.

Perks include t-shirts together with voting rights. Voting volition endure based on brusk brute descriptions. The move on ten volition endure turned into concept fine art together with of those, the move on 5 volition endure turned into 3d models.

Two additional brute concepts together with models for each additional USD2000 volition endure produced.

Justin Nichol volition endure creating the concept art. You tin detect his by contributions to the gratis together with opened upward puddle of game fine art on his OpenGameArt profile page.

Jonathan Williamson - partner at CG Cookie (aka Blender Cookie) - will endure creating the 3d models.

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