Fresh Versions Of Stunt Rally As Well As Warzone2100

Just released today, at that spot is a novel version (1.9) for Stunt Rally:

Stunt Rally 1.9
It has a few prissy novel features, but in all probability the greatest update is a major modify inwards the machine treatment physics, including an "easy" means for those of us non wishing to usage for a career every bit a professional person rally driver ;) too the guys would similar feedback inwards the SR forum therefore permit them know what you lot think.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 big collection of (partially quite crazy) screens tin post away move constitute here.

Another groovy lay out that surfaced only today is Warzone2100 version 3.1.0. It cumulates all the changes made during the concluding 2.5 years, nonetheless if you lot tested the RCs already too therefore at that spot isn't also much new. Most notably they advert the novel too fully fixed netcode, therefore that "out of sync" is a matter of the by (unless you lot accept a crappy cyberspace connectedness similar me :( ).

Have fun playing!

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