Flight Of The Maxima 0.4 (Lin/Win Roguelike/Rpg)

Image: H5N1 kitchen inwards TFM

The Flight of the Maxima (TFM) is an unlikely fusion of Sci-fi, night comedy together with medieval Christianity.

It is a costless roaming roleplaying estimator game where you lot tin explore vast lands, verbalise to an extremely various sum of people, together with create a lot of crazy things that sure sounded similar a adept persuasion at the time.

There's besides a key storey chemical component division that begins amongst you lot all of a abrupt finding yourself a long way from abode together with dealing with… good let's non spoil things but yet.

The game tin operate on Linux together with Windows, is intended to operate on Mac (untested equally of late), together with both the games code together with it's assets are Open Source (BSD), which agency you lot tin alter together with redistribute the game almost whatever way you lot want.

The game compiles fine for representative on Arch Linux 64bit (with these hints). One license occupation is the utilization of non-free FMOD but if I sympathise correctly, that dependency is optional.

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