Devcorner: Professionalize Your Fine Art Property Management

Today I thought it powerfulness live on dainty to accept a modest speak most Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs). Now I accept to admit, given the abundance of open-source DAM systems in addition to my full general lack of having truly tried them, powerfulness brand me non truly qualified to speak most this. However I intend those are truly real useful if y'all are managing a game projection alongside to a greater extent than than 1 artist, in addition to I but happened to stumble on 1 (TACTIC) that seems to live on peculiarly geared towards 3D film in addition to game evolution (Note: I promise this doesn't plow into equally good much of an promotion post, but this organisation is afterwards all completely open-source. But if y'all accept other, or improve DAMs for FOSS game development, experience costless to add together them inwards the comments).

So what are DAMs actually? Maybe this brusque introduction video of the organisation mentioned above, volition laissez passer y'all an thought quickly:

TACTIC from TACTIC on Vimeo.

The organisation was quite lately open-sourced nether the Eclipse Public License, in addition to has been previously inwards purpose past times unopen to of the big 3D gaming companies. For an overview of the features caput here. Its customer interface is completely web-based, in addition to y'all tin easily set up your ain asset-repository VM server if y'all want.

For most FOSS games (which tend to live on generally one-man shows :( ) such a organisation is in all probability overkill, but using a DAM powerfulness truly tending involving to a greater extent than people in addition to brand collaboration across the the world to a greater extent than efficient (Just similar GIT in addition to such systems did for code collaboration projects).

Maybe somebody would also live on willing to host such a service for FOSS game projects? However high data-transfers rates would run inwards in all probability non possible to offering such a service for free. Feel costless to comment on that equally good ;)

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