Devcorner: Opened Upwards (Game Art) Bundle

An interesting mixture to "pay what you lot want" as well as "ransom funding" has of late surfaced alongside the Open Bundle:

You tin purchase all the offered game fine art as well as role them nether the CC-by license as well as if the total threshold is reached (10k, 1 24-hour interval remaining, 9.3k already pledged) all the game fine art (2d sprites as well as music) volition hold out officially released nether the CC0. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 split upwardly of the funds is btw. shared alongside the EFF as well as Creative Commons.

For those wondering: no, it is non done past times our friends of, but they intend it is a skilful projection anyways. Interestingly the creator is likewise thinking of expanding the idea:
Do you lot desire to host your ain "public domain ransom"?
I'd honey to assistance you! Email me at
P.S.: While nosotros are on final 24-hour interval notices: Today ends the registration menstruation for the Unvanquished summertime tournament. Also cheque out their latest Alpha 17.

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