Devcorner: Free Or Then Cracking Blender Game Art!

UPDATE: First laid of files has been released (license CC0) in addition to on my suggest he added around stretch goals:
  • 600$ > three game ready Enemies! (models, sfx, animations, effects)

  • 650$ > Dynamic optimized lighting system! (rich dynamic lighting amongst depression resources utilization )

  • 750$ > iv novel weapons!(model, texture, sound)

  • 850$ > Triple the total of the actual props! (interactive objects,explosibles, novel walls, doors windows etc.)

  • 900$ > New actor model (model, textures)

Currently it is standing at 530$ in addition to in that place are 22 days to go, in addition to therefore chances are nosotros volition meet around to a greater extent than prissy materials out of this.
Way equally good many closed-source game projects never meet the lite of the day, in addition to their code in addition to assets are forever lost. Now at to the lowest degree i developer thought he could at to the lowest degree brand a few bucks past times liberating this content nether the CC0 license:

There is around seriously prissy materials inward that pack, in addition to the 500 the U.S. of A. $ he is quest for on his indigogo page is a induce create for it.

At the fourth dimension of writing this, 200$ convey been already pledged, in addition to therefore amongst your contribution it should survive slowly going to make the goal. Update: 515$ contributed, thank you lot to everyone! Maybe the guy should intend almost strechgoals ;)

But I certain wishing to a greater extent than developers of failed projects would liberate their assets similar this.

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