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While Blender3D is 1 of the premier FOSS projects out there, its integral purpose the Blender Game Engine (BGE) is frequently belittled equally non a serious game engine.

While the criticism is for certain not completely unfounded  together with the integration of express "non-programming" game code creation (via logic bricks) gives it a chip of a "RPG maker" image, it genuinely is a quite interesting platform to function on it seems.
Ok, belike equally of at nowadays the BGE is genuinely to a greater extent than of a rapid game prototyping engine, but previous experience during the Yo, Frankie! projection has genuinely shown that at to the lowest degree compared to another good known FOSS engines, it is a serious challenger (that Blender Foundation projection originally started on Crystal Space, together with subsequently many problems was implemented inwards the BGE inwards a few weeks only).

So what makes it together with then interesting? Well for 1 at that spot is the sum integration amongst a creation tool (obviously Blender3D) together with then that getting your content into the game is entirely a thing of making it. No exporters or anything needed... it exactly works. Then of course of education at that spot is the fully scriptability via Python, also integrated tightly. Basically y'all never convey to travel out Blender, together with testing your game tin travel done correct inwards the editor amongst 1 click (no compiling etc. necessary). Oh together with did I get upwardly the bully physics capabilities via Bullet, also construct correct in?

In add-on your created game volition travel right away available on whatever platform the Blender Game histrion has been ported (all major desktop operating systems, amongst an Android port nether evolution together with a browser plugin, too). In add-on y'all tin select to release your game equally a unmarried .blend file, giving the users a straight access to all the source files of the game; a moisture dream of whatever truthful FOSS game developer!
The tight integration amongst the GPLed Blender Player, has been a major source of discontent amongst the predominately propitiatory game developing users of the BGE however. Thus at that spot at nowadays exists also a few options to encrypt your game and/or run it on an external engine that tin travel kept closed source (but I volition non give-up the ghost farther into that here). 

You tin honor a lot of (sometimes genuinely awesome looking: 1, 2, 3) game projects on the forum. Now equally I said, most of it is sadly closed source amongst propitiatory artworks, but I also convey the feeling that around exactly don't know or attention nearly the legal implications of their "freeware" game (which sadly shows that fifty-fifty many people who utilization a bully FOSS tool, by together with large attention nearly the "free equally inwards beer" aspect of it). 

One of the to a greater extent than interesting projects correct now (which mightiness or mightiness non give-up the ghost a sum FOSS game) tin travel seen inwards this video:

It shows the most recent function past times Two years agone nosotros already featured previous awesome function past times him, but sadly that Air Race projection is past times at nowadays canceled.
What he is at nowadays working on is yet rather a show-case for the genuinely prissy novel graphical features inwards the BGE which he together with others are developing inwards the together with then called "candy" development branch (on his weblog at that spot are also to a greater extent than details together with prissy videos from around fourth dimension ago).

Another cool recent projection it the rewrite of the the logic bricks visual programming thought via nodal logic blocks called Hive.
While non completely integrated into Blender yet, y'all tin already try it via an external editor (the created python code industrial plant fine within Blender). There are also around tutorials together with a documentation for it.
Since my programming skills also lack somewhat, I honor that an interesting tool... yet most probable it is rather a prissy agency to practise around degree scripting, than genuinely programming the existent guts of a game amongst it.

So where tin y'all teach started amongst developing your ain game using the BGE? Well, the sub-forums are ever helpful, amongst around prissy beginners video tutorials linked here, here, here together with here ;)
There are fifty-fifty around books available (this one inwards exceptional is quite recent, which is a addition given the fast evolution of Blender3D) together with at that spot is of course of education the official Blender documentation.
Oh together with a skillful source of content is (besides our friends of course) Blender Swap (nice interview amongst 1 of the creators here).

If y'all convey farther questions delight comment below or enquire over at!

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