Dev-Corner: Inter Quake Model Format As Well As Opened Upwardly Root Gamedev Collaboration

The next is a invitee postal service by Lee Salzman, a contributor to several opened upwards origin game projects as well as the atomic number 82 developer of such projects every bit the ENet networking library as well as Sauerbraten, introducing IQM (the Inter-Quake Model format), a uncomplicated model format designed to run into the practical challenge of animated content for Quake(-like) 3D engines as well as allow to a greater extent than sharing of modeling tools across diverse engines

As much every bit players or fans of diverse opened upwards origin FPS games powerfulness thought all these projects every bit competing, isolated islands, the surprising as well as hopeful truth is, nosotros developers genuinely become together as well as beak close evolution challenges a lot. And inward yesteryear discussions, i of those issues that stuck out similar a sore pollex was content, peculiarly animated content such every bit thespian models. We were all using our ain diverse custom model formats or cast-off commercial formats (like id's MD5 or Valve's SMD formats) alongside related third-party export or conversion tools, alongside varying degrees of (dis)satisfaction.

Yet, what nosotros all needed inward this instance was as well as thus eerily similar: nosotros all simply wanted a no-fuss, binary, skeletal animation format that was quick to load, had relatively small-scale file sizes, as well as provided the usually needed mesh information for Quake(-like) thespian models - non bloated alongside unnecessary "but what if..." features patch remaining simply flexible plenty to fulfill the artists' needs. Existing formats similar MD5, SMD, Collada, as well as others had complex textual representations that brand them painful to charge as well as oftentimes require meaning internal conversions of the loaded information to become useful, renderable animation information out of them, oftentimes alongside frustrating omissions such every bit no powerfulness to take away export vertex normals. Engine specific formats worked unopen to these issues to some extent, but oftentimes suffered from poorly supported tooling due to the difficulty of keeping it up-to-date alongside diverse modeling tools as well as creative someone requirements.
IQM Demo Model, Mr Fixit
Given those frustations, why did nosotros non simply throw our lots inward together as well as brand i format that could get our needs good enough, as well as thus nosotros all practice goodness from mutual efforts on reliable, shared tools? Sanity prevailed, as well as non much later, after input wrangling from diverse developers inside the community, nosotros hammered out a uncomplicated specification for a couplet of formats that did simply that: IQM, a binary skeletal animation format that provides tardily integration into a game engine, as well as IQE, a textual format that makes it tardily to rapidly write exporter scripts as well as easily converts to IQM if i does non want to write an exporter for it directly.

And what skillful is a specification without support? So over again non much later, nosotros went through the grunt-work of genuinely making certain the format was well-supported inward the primal tools our artists used and, of course, the engines nosotros all developed. At the fourth dimension of this writing, all usually used versions of Blender accept take away exporter as well as importer back upwards via the IQM evolution kit, the model viewer as well as conversion tool Noesis tin easily convert from as well as to the format, as well as the format has out-of-the-box back upwards inward diverse engines, including but non express to, DarkPlaces (used inward Xonotic, Steel Storm, as well as more), CRX (used inward Alien Arena), Qfusion (used inward Warsow), ioquake iii (used inward Open Arena as well as many more), Remake Quake along alongside its sibling engine DirectQ, as well as Cube 2 (used inward Sauerbraten, Red Eclipse, as well as more). To ensure continued as well as hereafter back upwards yesteryear other game engines, the IQM evolution kit also provides illustration demos of how to easily charge as well as animate the format, both on the CPU as well as also using shaders to animate the format on the GPU, for developers that are unsure of how to utilize skeletal animation or simply desire to see the nitty-gritty details of how the format operates.

Despite the format getting off to a dandy get-go thank you lot to the back upwards of diverse developers inside the gaming community, nosotros yet require your help as well as back upwards to help this format hold out fifty-fifty to a greater extent than useful. If you lot tumble out to run some modeling tools other than Blender (as awesome every bit it is, people accept their preferences) as well as wouldn't heed writing a uncomplicated IQE exporter script for your modeling tool of choice, or fifty-fifty to a greater extent than sophisticated IQM take away export support, nosotros would greatly appreciate your contribution!

To become started alongside the format, delight banking concern correspond out the IQM evolution kit as well as other IQM/IQE format resources at:

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