Data Dealer, An Interesting Projection To Fund!

The the last Kickstarter game projection nosotros featured was sadly non successful together with amongst solely xi days to become it doesn't hold off equally good practiced for Data Dealer either. But this HTML5 together with CC-by-SA licensed game projection comes amongst a pretty cool consider together with is quite playable already.

It centers around the consider that services similar Facebook & Google actually arn't inwards the trouble concern of bringing y'all a practiced service (aka "If y'all are non paying for it, you're non the customer; you're the production existence sold") together with makes a ironic game out of that.

Here is game-play trailer to rank y'all an improve idea:

Or endeavour the electrical current present on their webpage.

Now of assort equally nosotros choose all of late learned (or at to the lowest degree got confirmation about), the reality is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than twisted than simply the somebody trouble concern side of things. But over the revelations of the volume surveillance past times the NSA & Co., nosotros should nonetheless non forget that all those big network companies arn't victims past times far either.

P.S.: My best wishes become out to Mr. Snowden! You are a hero of our generation.

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