D3 Bfg Root Drop, As Well As Novel Hosted Forum

Hot off the press is the news that id software has released the source-code to their Doom3 remastered BFG edition. Have a expect at the code here. It seems similar Mr. Carmack has back-ported a few corking things from idTech5, then this is potentially quite useful for upcoming idtech4 based FOSS games.

In unrelated news, I am happy to study that nosotros are similar a shot hosting the forums for the prissy off-road racing game StuntRally. Join the word here.

Old StuntRally screenshot, likewise lazy to notice around other correct similar a shot ;)
One of the truly awesome features of that game is the track-editor yesteryear the way... accept a expect at around awesome video tutorials here. Given the Techno-style music inwards these in addition to the awesome spline-based tracks, I truly mean value that a WipeOut similar alteration of this game would truly rock, bring together the word I started on that here :D

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