Cube2 Engine Keeps On Expanding!

While the recent novel unwrap of Cube2: Sauerbraten didn't convey whatever actually big changes, the network of friendly forks keeps expanding. But earlier I teach into to a greater extent than details, hither is a novel characteristic trailer of Cube2: Sauerbraten:

The perhaps nearly prominent together with fully FOSS fork RedEclipse is nonetheless working on the promised novel 1.4 release, amongst them doing around silly together with around cool enhancement projects inwards the meantime... then yeah:

Red Eclipse inwards Valve Time tm
Octaforge nonetheless has a few hateful solar daytime to teach inwards companionship to avoid missing their estimated unwrap "this month", only when browsing, I came across an interesting fork of the Sandbox Game Maker fork, called Lamiae amongst the RPG game Kelgar:

Kelgar Gameplay 0.8 - Indie DB

According to their github page, content seems to last libre (CC-by or CC-by-SA) only data is a chip scarce. Even less data is available for this other fork, called SabiCube, only you lot tin download together with examination their alpha.

Oh together with a chip older, only also interesting: the emscripten powered HTML5 port of Cube2, called Banana Bread, has also actually picked upwardly since the master copy emscripten developer was hired past times the Mozilla foundation. Here you lot tin run across it running a multi-player game (very recent novel feature), together with amongst the upcoming (also Mozilla powered) asm.js Javascript speed-up, it volition in all probability run at near native speeds inwards the non also far future.

Ok... I hope that is all... if you lot know of other interesting Cube2 powered projects, delight comment below!

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