Cry For Programming Help!

Ok, nosotros don't usually produce these variety of recruitment posts (don't ship us emails most that!), exactly for the next 2 FOSS game gems nosotros volition brand an exception (and it is officially sanctioned past times our boss Charlie ;) ).

So which ones produce I mean? Well these:
Link to homepage; example video
Link to homepage; example video
In recent months both games convey stalled inward evolution too people are starting to buy the farm quite pessimistic most the time to come (1,2).

Strangely plenty (for typical FOSS projects) it is non the artists who lack (there is truly an active grouping of contributors for both games, who are eager to encounter their artwork inward the game; examples: 5, all CC-by-SA licensed) exactly a severe lack of programmers.

An instance of non however implemented OD graphics

So how tin laissez passer notice you lot attention out too dig into the code, too why am I posting most both games the same time? Well both are truly construct on a somewhat similar base, utilizing OGRE3D for graphics too CEGUI for the GUI elements. Now I convey to admit, given my real much lacking C++ skills, I am aware that that is in all likelihood where the similarities end, exactly convey a expect at their developers pages (1, 2) too source-code yourself if you lot are interested.

Now why would 1 desire to merge the code-base of 2 completely dissimilar games (the 1 beingness a strategy game, the other an ARPG)? Well surprisingly plenty they would complement each other quite well, amongst a similar theme too the dainty prospect of using the OD mechanics likewise every bit an in-game editor (which is truly lacking for SumWars).

In add-on to that it would opened upward up the possibility of a truly cool multiplayer/COOP game trend every bit I explained here. This comic sums upward the thought (minus the Wii-U):
Copyright: Penny Arcade
So warm upward your OGRE3D coding skills too laissez passer these projects or too then help, preferably including a merger! THANKS inward advance!

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