Crowdfunding Games Into Freedom

Two games late started "Kickstarter"-style campaigns on IndieGoGo amongst business office of the offering existence "becoming opened upward source":
  1. Monster 2, a JRPG which has been opened upward source for a piece simply together with hence was closed during a upgrade of game data/content, will last released nether the Give it Your Own License, License if it reaches its finish of USD 1500,-.
  2. Tumblegonk, a silent unreleased uncomplicated puzzle game, volition last released nether GPL if it reaches its finish of USD 850,-.
Is this how opened upward source games should have at to the lowest degree a fleck of funding? I wouldn't heed if unopen to sometime commercial or freeware titles would create such a footstep (which can't actually last repeated for the same project/game). It's non a sustainable regulation of course of didactics though.

There are few alternatives of making money amongst opened upward source game evolution that comes to mind:
  1. Make the engine opened upward source together with the game information freeware simply sell it on closed platforms, similar Frogatto (iOS version is for-pay).
  2. Port existing opened upward source games to closed platforms similar inwards the instance of Word War Vi (iOS version is for-pay - read the master copy developers' thoughts on this inwards this forum post).
  3. [Warning: self-promotion] Sell additional, proprietary game information extra, piece having the engine together with base of operations assets available nether costless licenses, similar Nikki together with the Robots (Story Episodes are proprietary together with for-pay).
  4. Donations. Some opened upward source games convey them. The solely game amongst compelling information on this is FLARE. I don't know of whatever opened upward source games that fund full-time evolution through donations.
What I would actually beloved to meet is commission-based advertisement-games existence developed inwards JavaScript, amongst at to the lowest degree their source code existence released nether opened upward source licenses. But HTML5/JavaScript powerfulness non last at that spot silent inwards the eyes of promoters together with inwards the infrastructure of ad-services...

Oh, together with Bitcoin! We postulate to a greater extent than Bitcoin action! FOSS game developers! Open upward a wallet on for example and portion your wallet address! As for Flattr... I don't know whatever more...

There is a long together with sometime intelligence nearly whether it is possible to brand money together with on TumbleGonk's crowdfunding campagin on our forums.

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