Cataclysm: Night Days Ahead, Funded!

The self described open-source rogue-like survivalcraft / driving game inwards a sci-fi zombie apocalypse has successfully reached its finish on Kickstarter, together with ane of the developers volition at in ane lawsuit endure able to hand off it full-time for a few months to implement for representative a back-end for proper graphics.

But run into together with listen almost it yourself:

The source stretch-goal is unopen too, amongst 12 days remaining to pledge coin towards this cool project.

Less rosy does it hold off for the previously featured Data Dealer project. With exclusively 48 hours to go, simply yet almost 10k missing it volition endure a unopen complete if at all. They got some remarkable press lately though together with jumped upwards almost 10k inwards the terminal days, so it is yet possible. So if you lot haven't done it yet, pledge here.

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