Browser Based Mmo: Ironbane

I wanted to write nearly this browser-based MMO game called Ironbane for a while, but never genuinely got approximately trying it (it's slow though, no demand to register for the alpha currently, simply hitting play; but for me nether Linux amongst Firefox 23 it simply kept loading in addition to loading... could convey been my rattling wearisome connector though). Luckily the creator got into contact amongst us to remind me nearly it.

Here is an slightly older video of the tutorial level:

The code (GPLv3) tin endure accessed on Github, in addition to at that topographic point is a nice contributors guide. The writer likewise confirmed that at that topographic point are plans to unloose all the artworks nether CC-by-SA soon, in addition to then it tin endure called a proper FOSS game.

But regardless of that, I experience they demand to operate on the huge pixel (ok genuinely texel) density spread, e.g. the strongly unlike size of private pixels on the concealment ;)

We likewise asked the creator nearly whatever longer plans to commercialize it in addition to this is what he got to offering inwards that regard:
When nosotros accomplish beta nosotros would similar to offering optional materials similar houses, exceptional clothe in addition to other things for donations (nothing that tin plow over an unfair advantage). So inwards a manner this tin endure classified equally F2P, yes.
Which I guess sounds similar a proficient consider to fund farther evolution in addition to hosting costs.

Anyways... unless yous alive inwards the same meshing darkage similar me, at that topographic point is no argue non to give it a try!

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