Ancient Beast: Html5 Hexagonal Rts' Outset Release

Ancient Beast is a FOSS game projection that has been inward evolution past times Freezing Moon for a dyad of years, tantalizing everyone alongside transcend notch concept art in addition to 3D models. 

After a rather large restructuring inward game scope, where they changed from attempting to practice a 3D RTS inward the Blender Game Engine, to a 2D hexagonal TBS built on HTML5, they convey delivered a promising gameplay prototype that offers a mix of Heroes of Might in addition to Magic in addition to Magic: The Gathering's gameplay. 

Gameplay currently revolves some summoning creatures in addition to using their abilities to defeat other summoners

Still inward heavy development, the game nevertheless needs to implement the entirety of its sizable bestiary, as good every bit adding animated creatures past times utilizing the models they convey created.

So, if you lot convey whatever skills inward spider web development, jump aboard in addition to aid them consummate this awesome game!

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