All Maps Of Bos Wars 2.6.1+ (Svn R10193)

I filled a recent craving for playing a sci-fi existent fourth dimension strategy game yesteryear re-discovering Bos Wars together with playing every unmarried instrumentalist map.

image: Bos' marking of art, many screenshots dot a much lower quality.

The game runs on low-spec computers together with tin last quite fast-paced. I quite enjoyed playing it inward a tower-defense/tower rush style. The final liberate of Bos Wars has been over 2 years ago, simply evolution is non frozen, the final commit was on 2012-08-09.

The 3 biggest issues I personally had are:
  1. Some maps are aesthetically displeasing.
  2. For a beginner, it's difficult to determine what map to play.
  3. Many units together with buildings don't convey voices/sounds.
  4. The interface is confusing inward regards to resources quantity.

Visual agency of quondam maps

image: almost probable the kickoff map you lot play inward Bos (because it's selected yesteryear default)

To address issues ane together with 2, I promise that this spider web log postal service volition help. The screenshots at the bottom demo the game start covert at 1280x1024 for every of the "Start Game" unmarried instrumentalist maps. If you lot meet a marking that you'd similar to play, right-click together with "open" the link or image, to meet the marking mention inward the file mention of the screenshot.

An in-game solution to number 1. would last to create a map folder called "old" together with motion all levels inward there, when the rendered the world texture clashes alongside the units, buildings together with resources.

This proposition mightiness last seen every bit disrespectful insult to the master map makers, simply having the electrical flow map choice construction is a barrier for novel players, who require closed to guidance to larn started without having to opened upward random levels first. They are probable to assume that the kickoff marking they play is instance of the visual agency of the entire game, which tin last quite wrong, every bit you lot tin meet yesteryear the different-looking screenshots at the bottom.

Map choice screen

image: Bos Wars map choice screen

To solve number 2 in-game, a preview of the mini-map, every bit it is seen alongside "non-revealed map" would help. This mightiness last a non-trivial UI/in-game-rendering chore if it has to travel fully automatic.

Missing/repetitive sounds

In regards to number 3, I started yesteryear contributing a patch alongside closed to voices together with sounds. If you lot would similar to assist every bit a phonation thespian or yesteryear turning phonation lines into soldier/pilot/driver voice/effect mixes, delight experience gratis to comment inward this spider web log post, if you lot would similar to coordinate this alongside me together with other potential contributors. Female voices are especially welcome (source).

Feedback on my spell is welcome too. Watch/listen to the video below, to meet what sort of voices are missing together with what sort of voices are beingness used multiple times inward Bos Wars.

Resource UI

I'm non certain I convey figured it out completely simply hither goes nothing.

image: how I translate Bos' resources info

Without having idea this through inward detail, this is what seems to last missing:
  • Resource icons.
  • Absolute value of resources inward stock, rather than divided yesteryear ten(?).
  • Color coding of income/spending.
  • Display of the amount of income together with spending - inward a prominent position, private display of income together with spending inward a non-prominent position.
  • Indication of resources termination yesteryear buildings when selecting buildings together with when hovering them inward the develop menu.

Starting screens of all Bos Wars maps

If you lot meet a marking that you'd similar to play, right-click together with "open" the link or image, to meet the marking mention inward the file mention of the screenshot.

gallery: All Bos Wars maps

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