Alienarena Reloaded Edition

The PR machine behind AlienArena seems to bring flora out yesteryear rigorous focus-group testing together with populace surveying, that a re-branding of the idtech2 based arena FPS, was inwards order...
But hither on the uncompromising concluding resort of costless together with unbiased game journalism nosotros telephone telephone it what it is: a overnice novel release, bumping the version position out to 7.60; because every bit yous should know... a higher position out is e'er ameliorate :p

New alien spider bots!
Obviously it wasn't but the position out that changed, together with the listing of engine, fine art together with gameplay improvements is genuinely quite impressive for this release.
Another affair they updated is their website (the quondam i was quite horrible), together with piece this is a open-source game entirely yesteryear its engine code together with sadly non media, I genuinely similar their novel slogan:
Open Sourced. Ever Evolving.
Which has a sure enough band to it ;)

Speaking of PR efforts, at that topographic point is at i time a dedicated PR team for War§ow together with the long awaited 0.7 free is slow moving forrad together with yous tin hand the axe run into (incl. many overnice screenshots) what form of changes yous tin hand the axe human face here.

Screenshot from the War§ow 0.7 changelog thread
There is besides an BETA free of the version 0.7 (which according to touchstone version naming schemes should hold upwardly a beta itself I justice ;) ) which tin hand the axe hold upwardly downloaded here.

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