A Tale Of 2 Hexagons

This is a invitee postal service yesteryear user Hythlodaeus, discussing opened upwardly source clones, indie game community deportment in addition to developer's apologies.

Vee Software's quite an total of controversy, the affair existence that Open Hexagon is none other than a gratuitous software clone of the pop iOS/Android game Super Hexagon, created yesteryear the as pop indie developer Terry Cavanagh.

Now, video game clones are non a negative or uncommon thing at all, in addition to receive got pretty much existed since the beginnings of video game history. However, Open Hexagon developer, Vee, has of late constitute himself the victim of some serious flak, the argue behind this existence that he decided to release his ain game clone earlier the much anticipated PC/Steam version of Super Hexagon. This resulted inward a legion of rabid Cavanagh fans rushing inward to bill Vee of existence a thief, a liar, in addition to quite a multifariousness of other unpleasant names in addition to insults.

To brand a few things clear, Open Hexagon is non alone 100% gratuitous software, programmed from scratch using C++ in addition to SFML (unlike Super Hexagon which is primarily based inward Adobe Flash, amongst the PC port existence completely redone inward C++ as well), as it is also available for absolutely cypher cost. It is non geared as a challenger for Super Hexagon, in addition to it's for sure non trying to turn a profit from its master copy concept at all. If anything it's genuinely attracting to a greater extent than attending towards the master copy game. If that wasn't enough, the developer genuinely took the fourth dimension in addition to decency to ask permission to Cavanagh himself to create his game, spell he had no obligation to do then at all.

image: tweets betwixt devs

What ensued was a deep in addition to long-winded apology from Vee, to all Super Hexagon fans, in addition to the subsequent approving of his game yesteryear Cavanagh, despite the fact that he was never against the idea, since twenty-four threescore minutes catamenia one. I justice all's good that ends well, but fifty-fifty though Cavanagh's reactions were fairly reasonable from his part, I all the same can't halt thinking that issues similar this could receive got been easily avoided altogether, had he, in addition to other indie developers such as him, made habit of releasing the source code of their ain games, something that has, inward fact, been done successfully inward the yesteryear amongst surprisingly positive results.

Call me crazy, but I abide by it troubling that this new, so-called generation of “indie” developers in addition to their supporters, heralded as the avant-guarde of video game originality, in addition to as a counter-cultural movement that opposes manufacture stereotypes in addition to its negative practices, shows then lilliputian cognition in addition to sensibility on matters of software freedom, in addition to how it tin live on used to assist in addition to empower other amateur / independent developers such as themselves. The outcome is the accidental propagation, to their followers, of the gross misconception that for some reason, game concepts are the exclusive belongings of their authors, in addition to that copying in addition to innovating over other people's ideas is a incorrect thing to do. Coincidently, Vee himself has shown some slap-up eloquence on this affair inward his written apology, which genuinely makes me wonder how come upwardly at that topographic point aren't to a greater extent than people similar him inward this novel indie circle:

As a independent game developer, I wanted to create my ain tribute version of the game, non alone as an experiment, but also as a completely novel experience: I wanted to brand the game fully open, both as a gratuitous open-source product, in addition to also as a customizable in addition to scriptable game, inward club to allow people part their creations in addition to receive got fun.

Now, the game itself is quite simple. You are a triangle spinning around a hexagon. Incoming polygons desire yous dead, then yous receive got to dodge them. Sounds slow enough, right? It turns out it isn't. And it could live on a lot to a greater extent than if you're whiling to help, because dissimilar Cavanagh, Vee crafted his game thinking of customization in addition to the liberty to easily script, pigment in addition to build your ain levels inward whatsoever way yous wish.

image: Open Hexagon ad

Version 1.3 is out now, amongst updates pouring in, on a nearly daily basis, as Vee is all the same trying to cast his game into a to a greater extent than unique experience, a procedure inward which yous tin accept piece of job as well! So if yous receive got a remove heed for quick-reaction puzzle games in addition to savour crafting your ain personal conundrums for afterwards enjoyment, or fifty-fifty showing them to your friends, yesteryear all means, download Open Hexagon, play it, in addition to part your ain levels amongst others!

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