7Dfps - Opened Upwardly Origin Prototypes (2012)

Of nearly 150 entries at the starting fourth dimension 7 twenty-four hr menstruum starting fourth dimension somebody shooter evolution jam (7DFPS), together with thus far I could position 2 prototypes that convey clear opened upward rootage licensing inward their code together with run.

Note that this challenger did non demand sources to live released, solely xix entries had theirs released at fourth dimension of writing.

Cannonball Z is a game where you lot shoot zombies alongside cannonballs. It features randomly generated maps.The rootage code is inward the .zip file. The engine uses a BSD license. My code is GPL together with my assets are CC BY-SA.

Video: 7DFPS: OxyFPS

OxyFPS is a unproblematic starting fourth dimension somebody shooter alongside the restriction of beingness inward an oxygen-lacking environment.You are on an airless planet alongside solely a suit, a crossbow together with a tank of air.Your objective is to endure equally long equally you lot tin spell the corporate goons that caused this terraforming catastrophe hunt you lot down.

Then there's also Jedi-Academy--Renaissance, which I haven't been able to compile nonetheless and Zombies inward the Dark, which is solely indirectly GPL-ed past times beingness hosted on Google Code.

By the way: I participated inward a project alongside my beginner Blender abilities precisely solely the fine art assets are freely licensed.

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