2X0ng: Procedural Puzzle-Action Adventure

Retro too art-game fans volition dearest this.

2x0ng is a challenging action/puzzle game amongst procedurally generated levels. It is pronounced "TWO-zong", too is the sequel to David O'Toole's 2009 PC puzzler Xong.

2x0ng framebuffer examples

At its core, this game is a mashup. 2x0ng's blueprint is a nonlinear combination of several dissimilar slowly 70s/early 80s dwelling identify video games, combining related aspects of each into something new. In 2x0ng, you lot motility a guy roughly the hide too shoot at enemies inwards all directions, equally inwards Berzerk. The ball you lot throw ricochets too comes dorsum to you, similar inwards Tron Deadly Discs. You interruption colored bricks amongst the ball, similar inwards Breakout. You transfer colors from i identify to some other inwards social club to consummate the level, similar to Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomatoes. 
To accomplish the side past times side level, you lot must successively unlock novel areas past times opening color-coded gates inwards the right order. The levels are procedurally generated, too hence the game sense is dissimilar each time. Later levels are much larger than the screen, too characteristic substantially to a greater extent than moving/colliding objects than would accept been possible inwards a existent dwelling identify video game from that era.

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: GPLv3
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