0 A.D. Well Interview Together With Particular Effects

The premier FOSS RTS 0 A.D. has of late won (by an incredible pocket-size margin) the Sourceforge.net projection of the calendar month vote together with at in 1 lawsuit they bring done a cool well interview:
Rich: Do y'all bring much interaction or collaboration amongst whatsoever of the other Open Source gaming communities?
Aviv: We’re sort of inwards the middle betwixt the Indie game basis together with the Open Source software world. We don’t quite belong to either civilization entirely. We for certain invite to a greater extent than projects to accomplish out. Perhaps nosotros tin honour novel ways to collaborate. We produce believe that a large business office of the code that nosotros developed tin hold upwards used for other projects. But at the instant we’re to a greater extent than focused on developing 0 A.D. to completion, together with writing a lot of code together with implementing a lot of features that are specific to 0 A.D., than implementing full general solutions for all sorts of games.
Click here for the transkript of the sum interview, merely if y'all are to lazy to read y'all tin too brain to it on that page inwards the master copy voices of the developers.

Besides this, they bring of late implemented a lot of cool novel graphical effects (I approximate y'all could telephone outcry upwards it JUICE ;) ):

Distance fog together with other novel effects
For to a greater extent than squeamish screenshots of these effects, bring a hold off at this postal service on their forums.

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