0 A.D. Together With Megaglest Updates

Some assorted word from the FOSS RTS thematic area.

First of all, Megagest saw or together with therefore other somewhat bigger unloose (3.7.x), together with somebody also made a overnice cinematic for them:

Sadly no word on the planned graphical update, every bit the merger amongst GAE seems on hold, simply the novel version adds a lot of overnice usability enhancements.

Much to a greater extent than active on the graphics front end is 0 A.D. on the other hand. In their recent development update #9 they utter nearly completely switching to their novel shader based renderer, together with the guy behind these renderer improvements latterly gave a short interview too.

Some other interesting word include this recent forum posts of or together with therefore modders trying to switch to the 0 A.D. engine for their modern warfare RTS called Rogue Republic.
Asset integration seems to function already every bit you lot tin run into here:

Rogue Republic assets inwards O A.D.

The thread over at the 0 A.D. forums has a few additional details, simply no pregnant information on the FOSS condition they are aiming at inwards regards to their media.
Never the less, it looks similar it mightiness larn a RTS projection to follow to a greater extent than closely.

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