Xonotic Community Frag Painting As Well As Other Foss Arena Fps News

Very overnice novel moving painting from the Xonotic community:

It gives a pretty practiced thought well-nigh the vanilla game mode, although the really pop (some tell likewise popular) "Minstagib" (one shot kills) too the sum conversion modern Overkill (All novel player-models too weapons, amongst team-spawn etc.) are also shortly shown.
Not shown are the pop vehicle modern too the lately added lightning gun (still WIP), only yous tin endeavor everything yourself easily yesteryear getting the auto-downloader of the latest evolution construct here.

As amongst most FOSS games, they are looking for to a greater extent than developers (& players) too if yous convey roughly cash to spare yous tin currently also pledge for the creation of roughly NPC characters for a single-player or COOP-mode here.

Speaking of FOSS crowd-funding, roughly other slap-up FOSS arena shooter, Red Eclipse this currently preparing a campaign for porting their somewhat aging Cube2 engine to the much nicer Tesseract (which is technically something similar Cube3).
Oh too a new version (1.5) only yet amongst the onetime engine should live on out really before long ;)

Happy fragging!

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