Xonotic 0.8.1 Released & Related News

For those that are non keeping upwards to the latest evolution branch (via the autobuilds), the Xonotic developers convey released a novel version amongst diverse smaller changes together with novel official maps.

From the user "Antibody" (known for his duel commentary videos) comes this overnice video overview of the novel features:

(please banking concern complaint that due to video capture functioning reasons the graphic settings are pretty low, together with the game tin expect much nicer amongst dissimilar settings)

On the longer term horizon of Xonotic development, at that spot is the real exiting tidings that they are currently porting their game to run on the same engine that Unvanquished uses. With this the time to come of Xonotic is indeed much brighter, every bit their electrical flow engine has non appear much evolution lately. See to a greater extent than details inwards this thread.

Oh together with spell nosotros are talking almost FOSS arena FPS: H5N1 brusque spell agone Red Eclipse too released a novel version. Changes include updated to the AI Bots together with a construct inwards universal updater to easily follow the latest releases.

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