Warsow 2.0 Is Instantly Most Fully Foss!

Great tidings for the FOSS enthusiasts: afterwards many years of constant nagging the latest liberate of the peachy parcour/arena FPS Warsow has instantly about of it's artistic content nether the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 license (with a few remaining merely clearly marked ones nether CC-by-ND).

Also updated particle effects inwards Warsow 2.0
You tin detect to a greater extent than screen-shots inwards the higher upward link as well as the amount changelog here.

Rendering speed was too increased (claimed to hold out 30-50% faster) as well as a drive tutorial is instantly included.

So far I e'er recommended Xonotic over Warsow every bit the coolest (=most competitive; Red Eclipse is too cool, merely much to a greater extent than casual) open-source arena FPS, merely I mean value I mightiness reconsider this now...

Happy fragging :p

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