Top Iii Opened Upwards Rootage Pinball Games

The first flipper pinball machine was released 68 years as well as 1 calendar month agone as well as nonetheless at that topographic point is alone a handful of opened upwards source, cross-platform pinball video games available! Oh well, let's produce got them for a spin, shall we?

 Dec 1st, 2015: 1. Added Libre Pinball, see Honorable Mentions below. 2. Added decision section.

 Jul 17th, 2016: Updated Emilia Pinball links

Nexus Pinball

Started alone a calendar month ago, Nova Pinball's unproblematic sole 2D tabular array is a lot of fun as well as evolution has made skilful progress.

Emilia Pinball

The ancient 3D Emilia Pinball projection has a recent fork on GitHub that adds to a greater extent than tables (the concluding official issue had alone 2, the novel 1 has 5). The code is the ancient but consistent master SourceForge projection as well as some novel tables are flowing to a greater extent than or less patches/mailing listing posts

The game has iv perspectives (F5-F8)

The models are real low-poly, which is fine as well as fast but the textures are sinfully low-resolution. However editing textures appears to hold out unproblematic inwards existing tables, merely past times overwriting them amongst higher-resolution files, every bit demonstrated amongst the angry gnu caput inwards the screenshot above.

Creating novel tables requires an editor, which I unfortunately was non able to compile nonetheless (possibly due to lack of one-time Qt libraries).

There is a zombie/horror/Halloween table, which unfortunately contains non-free content.


The 2D Linball tabular array is crazy fast but suffers from some sounds ripped from proprietary games (maybe there's to a greater extent than non-free content).

Honorable mentions

Libre Pinball (thread) is real atmospheric but has no missions as well as alone real few tabular array elements correct now. It was made using the Godot Engine.

Sadly, Visual Pinball alone runs on Windows (wine page).

Vector Pinball for Android unfortunately has no instructions for desktop/Linux compilation.

Devil's Pinball is a Blender-made pinball table. It's quite buggy when played inwards recent Blender as well as at that topographic point is no license information.


I honour the opened upwards pinball games on Linux to a greater extent than entertaining than I expected them to be. The major downside is ornament as well as context: acre the themes of some tables are intriguing, they unfortunately be inwards a widescreen basis without a proper background that adds to the experience.

And of course of education some accessible (video) documentation on how to produce novel tables would hold out a huge plus.

Got theme ideas for opened upwards source pinball tables? Write them inwards the comments!

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