Top Futuristic Opened Upwards Root Racing Games On Linux

F-Zero too Wipeout laid the measure for the futuristic sci-fi racing games genre too inspire many game developers.

Over the years, 4 projects of that genre were started too developed to a playable land that are straight off opened upwardly root code:

H-Craft yesteryear Irrgheist is a costless sci-fi racer alongside IAP on Android. It is built alongside the Irrlicht engine too was late released equally free software with freeware data.

While gameplay is uncomplicated without pickups, boosts or weapons, the motility keeps it interesting. The 180°-Turns used inwards H-Craft marking pattern are real refreshing to the genre.

CoreBreach is a commercial anti-gravity racing game alongside scrap gameplay. There is a freeware dataset that allows compiling too playing a simpler-looking version.

Being an Objective C project, it was odd to compile for me on latest Arch Linux but possible. Campaign mode, weapons too split-screen multiplayer larn inwards comprehend many bases.

Racer is the alone projection alongside 100% costless equally inwards liberty data, nonetheless unfortunately it does non compile on electrical current Arch Linux.

Of our 4 projects, this is the alone that has the classic drive-over boost fields.

Ecksdee is the oldest of the bunch too has challenging fourth dimension lawsuit single-player gameplay.

There are weapon pickups but without AI or human competitors they serve no exercise yet.

Project Comparison

H-Craft CoreBreach Racer* Ecksdee
Latest Version 2015-02-23 (1.3) 2012-11-30 (git) 2010-10-10 (r349) 2006-11-24 (0.0.9)
Campaign Mode yes yes no no
Split-Screen Multiplayer no yes yes no
Weapons no yes no yes
AI yes yes no no
Gamepad Support yes yes yes no
Menu UI Look good ok good ok
Music yes yes no yes
Sounds yes yes yes yes
Linux Builds or Compiling not tested, ready used complicated but compiles fails fails, win32 build/wine used
Art Asset License(s) Mostly no-modify-no-distribute no-distribution, GPL, CC-BY 3.0 CC-BY-SA 3.0 GPL, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-ND
Is It Cool? yes yes yes yes
* Could non ready racer, reviewing from long term memory

Related projects

Stunt Rally has a F-Zero-esque antigrav vehicles too futuristic levels but primarily it's a motorcar racing game. The default physics don't seem to live on working for a futuristic racing style.

The cool Blender Game Engine project RGP has it's .blend file available but it does non bring license information. The .blend contains no sound too alone 1 marking without AI.

HexGL is pretty but has no sound, no ai, alone 1 marking too is CC 3.0 BY-NC licensed (including code) at the moment. If anybody is interested inwards contributing: the developer indicated involvement inwards the MIT license.

TheRush seem to live on Windows-only too does non run inwards Wine.

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