Terminal Overload 0.3 Released + Back Upward The Developer On Patreon

The really innovative together with awesome looking (+ fully FOSS) multiplayer FPS Terminal-Overload got a new issue today. Edit: By straightaway at that spot is genuinely already a 0.4.0 release, get it here.

Charged x-jump on the novel ETH5 map (3rd somebody photographic television set camera turned on)
One of the novel features is a charged fountain that lets 1 conduct maintain big leaps to accomplish expert sniping spots or evade an enemy etc. Other changes for this release:
- New map: ETH5
- Prettier GUI
- Replace re-jumping alongside 2nd & charged x-jump.
- Tweak CAT movement speeds.
- Simplify disc controls.
- ETH mode: Each course of education exclusively has 1 type of offensive disc.
- SMG changes: Increase firing rate, decrease damage, shorter range.
- MGL changes: Remove recoil, decrease firing rate, burn exclusively 1 projectile.
- MG changes: Projectiles are affected past times gravity.
- Remove etherboard from course of education #4 (Minigunner) loadout.
- Remove SG2 from course of education #2 loadout.
- Improve responsiveness of mouse expect piece inwards CAT form.
- New projectile visuals (except discs & grenade).
The novel GUI looks similar this:
New carte graphics alongside options window
While it is is quite awesome looking together with playable already, it patently even together with thus needs a chip of farther development. Since the funds of an before crowd-funding campaign conduct maintain been used up, the developer is straightaway looking for other ways to survive. If yous similar what he is doing, yous tin caput over to his new Patreon page to back upward him alongside a monthly payment.

Yes, YOU! Right NOW! ;)

Developer contributions to code together with art are of course of education too welcome.

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