Support The Evolution Of The Terra Centauri Rts

Not just hot of the press, simply the developer behind the MegaGlest based RTS Annex: Conquer the world has started a novel project:
In a lonely planet circulating a distant star, a nation of war of survival rages on. There a sentient race, the Valkyries struggle to protect their basis together with themselves against the parasitic organisms Devourers. Explore large maps for resources, treasure, together with other advantages to care dorsum the relentless horde of Devourers.

Terra Centauri: The Last Stand is a novel unique MG based game. While game shares a like fine art trend to Annex, this game has radically unlike gameplay together with much higher character models.

He is too running a funding receive on Patreon together with you lot tin sack plough over feedback on the Megaglest forums.

Speaking of Megaglest: acre evolution has slowed downwardly a flake lately, the function on the CE-GUI based novel carte du jour together with HUD is looking great.

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