Supertux 0.4.0 Milestone 2

Over 10 years later the lastly stable issue of SuperTux (0.1.3 released July 2005) the SuperTux squad have announced the issue of the commencement stable version inwards the Milestone 2 series.

Compared to 0.1.3, this issue features:
  • a nearly completely rewritten game engine based on OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2, ...
  • support for translations
  • in-game managing director for downloadable add-ons too translations
  • Bonus Island III, a for forthwith unfinished Forest Island too the evolution levels inwards Incubator Island
  • a concluding boss inwards Icy Island
  • new too improved soundtracks too audio effects
  • new badguys, bonuses too power-ups (air-, earth- too ice-flower)
  • a halloween tilemap
  • new graphic effects (glowing objects, particles, ...)
  • levels too worldmaps are scriptable using squirrel
  • much to a greater extent than game objects: trampolines, switches, portable stones, wind, moving platforms, ... - nigh of them convey scripting APIs
  • improved statistics
  • many invisible changes, similar unit of measurement tests, efficiency improvements too to a greater extent than bugfixes
  • much more...
And of course of didactics nosotros updated the official levels to brand purpose of all the novel features.

SuperTux 0.4.0 Overworld
It has been a long route for the project, too a lot has changed every bit the engine seems to convey been largely rewritten to become inwards suitable for to a greater extent than advanced graphics too scripting. Whilst the existing content has been updated, it would look that the ane surface area inwards which the projection is curt is novel tilesets too levels, alongside entirely a partially consummate 2d wood overworld of the (originally planned) vii desired worlds.

That's where the community comes inwards though. With a stable game to run with, hopefully players too artists tin combine to extend the game too become inwards enjoyable for generations to come.

My ain xv yr one-time boy remembers SuperTux 0.1.3 fondly as, he says, the best game he played every bit a immature child.

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