Stunt Rally 2.6 Together With Irrlamb 0.2

Stunt Rally 2.6 has been released, amongst novel features including pacenotes (i.e. corner speed/severity hints) as well as a rewritten audio organization amongst reverberation (changelog).

Stunt Rally is a sandbox racing game amongst a huge discover of tracks (172 inwards 2.6) as well as lots of cars. It was originally forked from VDrift as well as features Ogre3D equally a graphics engine instead of the custom (and less sophisticated) graphics engine inwards VDrift.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 video is worth a yard pictures as well as a pic a yard words so, instead of me writing a 1000000 of those, I invite yous to depository fiscal establishment represent out the gameplay inwards the video that accompanied the release:

Also latterly updated is wrote nearly Irrlamb over 8 years agone on Free Gamer, as well as the previous release (0.1.1) is over v years erstwhile if I'm non false (it is difficult to depository fiscal establishment represent since things conduct maintain moved on since thence i.e. Google Code where its evolution was originally hosted).

This release adds novel graphical capabilities, novel levels, gamepad back upward as well as diverse fixes - encounter the announcement for to a greater extent than details.

I'll besides write a actually lengthy... human face a minute! Let's link a video instead. ;)

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