Strife: Veteran Edition

Just inward example you lot tin stand upwards having Steam DRM installed inward your system, I recommend taking a await at Strife: Veteran Edition. Strife is a Shooter/RPG based on the Doom Engine together with dating dorsum to 1996. The developers for this novel remake had the wits together with sensibility to purpose the Chocolate Doom engine equally the primary code base, which is, of course of didactics 100% licensed nether the GPL. With together with thence many overstep lineament Free Software engine remakes or together with thence here, it actually astounds me why together with thence few developers conduct to purpose them on modern hard disk remakes together with ports (I'm looking at YOU, upcoming remake of Heroes of Might together with Magic III non using VCMI).

As mentioned, together with thence far the game is available solely on Steam, but I'm pretty certain a DRM-free GOG version volition eventually follow, equally it normally does.

Code License: GPLv2 + LGPL
Assets License: Proprietary

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