Space Station Xiii Remake Liberated!

Many of us know Space Station 13 every bit "that awesome game I never played". Along alongside games similar Dorf Fortress it stands every bit 1 of the pinnacles of the gameplay philosophy of fun through massive amounts of diversity. Originally developed inwards 1 of the around broken in addition to unupdated platforms always imaginable, BYOND, fans of the game bring been trying to prepare a standalone remake of the game for a while.

After a long catamenia of development, the squad of Robust Games, inwards accuse of the project, decided to liberate the whole matter in addition to plough to opened upwards development. This agency all of the code is straightaway GPLv3 in addition to all of the fine art assets are straightaway CC-BY-SA, effectively making the game 100% free-as-in-free-domes. 

So what are y'all waiting for? Get to developin'!

EDIT: Apparently only the placeholder sprites (not the fancy ones inwards the screenshot) bring been released nether CC-BY-SA. The game should withal hold upwards 100% playable alongside these, though.

Code License: GPLv3
Assets License: CC-BY-SA


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