Solarus 1.6 Is Out, Progress On Ocean's Heart

previous coverage of Solarus, the Free Software Zelda-like ARPG engine that comes alongside its ain consummate game creation suite too a pretty impressive palette of Zelda fan games already available nether its wing. As of final December, version 1.6 has been released, too acre the changes nether the hood are every bit good many to reveal (check the total statement too changelog here), it is worth highlighting the parcel straight off includes a to a greater extent than varied amount of libre tilesets, important developers straight off accept available a wider selection of default non-proprietary graphics to occupation on their ain creations. While the community is withal real much focused around Zelda fan-games too their respective copyrighted graphics, this is an of import get-go stride to attract to a greater extent than developers too spark time to come libre game projects.

The Ocean's Heart tileset, straight off role of the Solarus package.

One such projection is Ocean's Heart, the brainchild of Solarus community fellow member Max Mraz. The game follows a gameplay construction similar to classic Zelda games transported to a Viking age-inspired setting. It features an alone master floor too a beautiful pixelated tileset, which Max was form plenty to license nether a Creative Commons license for integration alongside the Solarus suite. Upon completion it volition teach the get-go truthful libre Solarus-made ARPG inwards code too assets, which makes for real exciting news.

Stay tuned for farther developments on this, too endure certain to banking concern lucifer the Solarus website for tidings on their upcoming game projects, along alongside consummate instructions too tutorials on how to create your ain game using the evolution tools.

Code License: GPLv3
Assets License: Mixed  (most sprite packages copyrighted yesteryear Nintendo, master Solarus assets nether CC-BY-SA)

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