Sintel The Game Has Iii Playable Levels (Alpha 2)

Sintel The Game Alpha 0.2 was released years agone but y'all mightiness convey missed it, but every bit convey I.

The 3 levels convey the next features:

1. Snow landscape, puzzles, no fights, no ending (I think)
2. Desert landscape, no puzzles, ii enemy types to fight, no ending (I think)
3. Village/port environment, ane puzzle amongst ane variation, 1 enemy type to get out (maybe more), has an ending, perchance has multiple endings (not tested).

As a game alpha, it is OK.

As a alpha game made inward Blender Game Engine (BGE), it is genuinely impressive: controls too window demeanor experience OK, compared to smaller games I sometimes run into, which frequently seem to convey resolution, mouse control/sensitivity or window managing director related issues.

And it looks nice.

Download the Alpha (1GB) from

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