Quakeexpo2016 16-30Th Of July, Register Your Virtual Booth Now!

Seem similar some people desire to revive the one-time QuakeExpo tradition this year, which is after all the 20th anniversary of Quake1:


Booth pre-registration started on the 18th of June, as well as the for those that wonder what it is all about:
If y'all are a qexpo old-timer:  The format is virtual ‘booths’ develop for a express number of days simply similar the past.  But dissimilar the past, this site has a built-in comment as well as messaging system.  The site-wide flow of give-and-take is available on the ‘Activity’ tab.  However, whatsoever booth possessor may disable comments on their item booth page past times checking the ‘Comments Disabled’ category.

We every bit good convey a fancy number calendar to survive populated.  Events occurring prior to the Expo days may be posted, but it is requested that at that topographic point survive an number coverage booth, news, or other tie-in available during the Expo itself.

If you’re a new-timer wondering what the heck this is:  The Quake Expo concept is based on virtual ‘booths’ where people demo off projects, furnish tutorials, or portion nostalgia.  See the links at the bottom of the site for previous years.  The consider is a fleck retro given all the possible online outlets for inventiveness now.  But that’s 1 of the reasons to convey it-  alongside as well as hence many islands of forums, social media groups, as well as code repositories, it mightiness survive overnice to come upward together for a few days as well as run across what everyone else is doing.  The fourth dimension limitation is key.  Booths volition exclusively survive opened upward for 2 weeks as well as afterward the entire site is unopen as well as archived.
Focus is mainly on Quake1 engine derived projects (Darkplaces Engine for example), but inwards the past times at that topographic point were unremarkably every bit good a few Quake2/3 engine projects inwards it. Fully FOSS is non a strict requirement, but quite common, as well as the engine is of course of report GPL licensed.

Personally I promise nosotros volition run across some projects picking upward the quite awesome mobileVR port of Darkplaces: http://quakevr.com/ 

P.S.: Slightly OT, but the Inside3D forums (all close Quake1 engine programming) convey a novel abode at http://www.insideqc.com/

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