Preparing For A Crowd-Funding: Torque3d Mit Multi-Platform

I mentioned the overnice developments on the few weeks back, together with directly it seems similar it is getting fifty-fifty to a greater extent than serious:

Planned platforms of Torque3D

Now don't fall your beer simply yet, every bit this is simply the proposal the developer makes for a crowd-funding edifice upwardly on his bully previous Linux/OpenGL work.

One of the get-go (hopefully presently to be) FOSS games that could practice goodness from this, is the currently every bit good looking for crowd-funding RoTC abstract FPS. Only ix days left, but they made or together with then other skillful growth inwards the lastly dyad of days, together with then it is nevertheless possible to attain their destination of $1500. In fact the older (mostly unopen source) version was every bit good late updated together with you lot tin endeavor it on or together with then novel servers.

The (more or less friendly) fork GREED tech MIT that aims to brand a sum FPS evolution kit out of Torque3D every bit good seems to brand or together with then interesting progress, together with then it looks quite vivid evolution wise for directly :)

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