Out Inwards The Shadows: Night Modern 2.07 Released

The hide-and-seek simulator The Dark Mod (TDM) has had a novel unloosen equally of lastly week. For those who don't remember, TDM is a Doom three mod-gone-standalone that aims to recreate a like game sense to that of Looking Glass Studio's Thief series. It is known with both stealth game aficionados too costless software enthusiasts equally a projection of especial quality, with a dedicated community of content creators. The latest unloosen 2.07 focuses on stability too performance.

Since nosotros lastly reported on this amazing project, the game has progressed leaps too bounds both inwards content too quality. The extensive loading times too functioning irks that plagued the initial standalone releases, from the project's early on emancipation from Doom three game property too codebase requirements, are straightaway mostly a affair of the past, too are ready to live improved fifty-fifty further, equally multi-core back upwardly has finally been added to the engine (albeit equally an experimental feature). Future updates volition convey the game to OpenGL 3.3, transferring processing might from the CPU to the GPU.

On the graphics department, the implementation of advanced shadow maps hope close real-life shadow behavior. Improved antialiasing volition mostly upgrade looks for those with to a greater extent than powerful machines.

The unloosen has too seen the improver of to a greater extent than Creative Commons licensed assets (under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) too map modules, which are costless to purpose inwards either TDM fan missions or inwards whatever other modern or game project. Many fan missions are available nether the same license, with incoming releases virtually every month. They tin laissez passer the sack live downloaded through the in-game GUI or past times accessing the mission portal.

For farther information you lot tin laissez passer the sack access the amount changelog here.

Code License: GPLv3
Assets License:

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