Openxcom Hits 1.0

We accept previously mentioned OpenXcom on several occasions before, but straightaway the massive UFO: Enemy Unknown engine reimplementation projection finally hitting the long-awaited 1.0 mark, as well as they decided to celebrate past times releasing this lovely trailer that sums upwardly quite good the insane amount of especial as well as improvement seat into the project over the course of written report of iv years. I'll permit it create judge past times itself, but non without thanking all the contributors for raising i of the near acclaimed DOS-era strategy classics from the stagnating swamps of buggy unsupported legacy releases as well as platform incompatibility.

On a lastly note, the engine is, of course, free-as-in-freedom, though it relies on master copy game information of proprietary nature. You tin forcefulness out download OpenXcom here, as well as purchase an affordable digital re-create of the master copy game on Steam, or somewhere some the web.

Code License: GPLv3
Assets License: Relies on master copy proprietary information files. All novel master copy fine art assets included inward the OXC bundle available nether CC-BY-SA

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