Opendungeons Together With Freeorion Updates Addition Retux

H5N1 twosome of long standing opened upwards source game projects guide hold received pregnant updates.

OpenDungeons, an opened upwards source dungeon administration game, has seen release 0.6 instruct inward out the door. Release highlights from the changelog:
  • New acre logic amongst cooldown, targets as well as toll management
  • Fancy novel spells: Heal, Explosion as well as Haste
  • Particle effects!
  • Reworked library logic as well as made query social club configurable
  • New animate beingness overlays that exhibit the creatures' mood
  • Customisable animate beingness audio effects!
  • Doors to improve block enemies as well as macromanage allies
  • In-game settings bill of fare support!
  • New claimed walls graphics as well as diverse other graphical improvements
  • New minimap photographic tv set camera amongst real-time rendering
  • Dedicated server back upwards amongst command-line parameters
There's enough of screenshots inward the annunciation on the frontpage of the OpenDungeons website (but no straight link for the announcement, frustratingly).

Explosions! Spells!
The query tree

The projection has approximately real regular contributors (both programming as well as art) as well as the game has multiplayer back upwards which the developers examine amongst the occasional weekend virtual lan party. OpenDungeons has sure gone from pull to pull inward the final year.

FreeOrion version 0.4.5 (announcement amongst changelog) wraps upwards the final year's worth of development. Much of the move seems to guide hold been motivated past times trying to brand the game to a greater extent than fun to play — "performance, responsiveness, AI, balancing etc." —which is prissy to see. At approximately betoken a projection has to halt pushing novel features as well as move on improving the game experience.

I couldn't abide by whatever screenshots of 0.4.5 to share, but here's a recent gameplay video posted on YouTube which should give an idea, although he's good into a game at this point:

Finally, as well as a picayune also belatedly unfortunately, here's approximately coverage of ReTux. At maiden of all glance, it would appear someone has taken Super Tux as well as tried to profits off of it. However, writer Julian Merchant (onpon4 on the FGD forums) has written a novel engine from scratch inward Python. Whilst at that topographic point are the obvious similarities amongst the master Super Tux, due to ReTux using many of the same graphics as well as sounds, at that topographic point are a release of notable gameplay changes many of which tin live seen inward the 'Concept Castle' video (I actually intend his IndieGoGo create should guide hold used this video at the real get-go of it).

Julian alone raised $378 inward the xxx days the create lasted, which was real brusk of the $50,000 goal. Reasons for this volition live probable piteous coverage (no FG article!) but also in all likelihood the perception that it was basically the same every bit Super Tux. For example, the IGG page starts amongst a video which the maiden of all 2 minutes or as well as then (aside from the modify to the fireflower) could easily live recreated past times substituting the Super Tux logo for ReTux.

I produce intend avoiding the to a greater extent than pop media sites (e.g. no YouTube video) wound the campaign. I tin abide by little-to-no advert of ReTux when searching for it.

It also highlights ane of the problems amongst developing Free games i.e. to a greater extent than frequently than non there's no coin inward it. Julian is patently passionate virtually the concept, having done as well as then much move on it already, as well as I promise he continues amongst it. As to where he goes from here? I would advise maybe trying to instruct it greenlit on Steam or approximately other platform where he tin solicit a minor fee from players whilst all the same maintaining the opened upwards source condition of the projection - a neat instance beingness Tales of Maj’Eyal which is also selling good on Steam.

Don't surrender Julian. Persistence is the substitution to success amongst whatever endeavour. You simply guide hold to abide by the correct path.

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