Old Schoolhouse Sec Rts Wyrmsun Is Looking To Survive Greenlit

We were kindly made aware past times the primary developer of the 2D RTS Wyrmsun that he is currently looking for back upwards to acquire this game on the Steam platform (link includes a game-play video).

Here is a description of the game nosotros got from him:
In Wyrmsun, humans, elves too dwarves all essay to carve a identify for themselves on their dissimilar homeworlds, amongst humans living on Earth, dwarves trouble solid on Nidavellir, too elves inhabiting Alfheim. In the game's missions, each public follows split storylines, only the diverse civilizations tin hold upwards mixed too matched inwards custom games.

Wyrmsun features:
  • Retro-style graphics
  • 2 playable civilizations, too a release of non-playable ones
  • 18 quests to play, earning technology scientific discipline points which tin hold upwards used to obtain novel units, buildings too technologies
  • 38 units, xxx buildings too xiv technologies
  • Units that tin earn experience, beingness able to upgrade to novel unit of measurement types or acquire novel abilities upon level-up
  • Persistent heroes, who deport over their bird too abilities throughout scenarios
  • Personal names too traits for units
  • Cave, Conifer Forest, Dungeon, Fairlimbed Forest too Swamp tilesets
  • 33 maps of existent too fictional locations to lead from, likewise every bit random maps
  • Living environment, amongst brute reproduction too predation
  • Very moddable game, amongst mod-loading capability built inwards
  • Grand strategy mode, where production is resolved on the strategic (world map) level, spell battles are resolved on the tactical bird
  • In-game encyclopedia, allowing players to larn to a greater extent than most the units, buildings too other elements of the game, likewise every bit their historical too mythological sources of inspiration.
For those to a greater extent than inclined to tending out amongst the code, at that topographic point are ii code repositories: one for the game too one for the modified Stratagus engine.

P.S.: Yes FOSS games tin hold upwards on Steam every bit long every bit they don't integrate amongst unopen beginning steam integration libraries; And it tin hold upwards a corking means to attract to a greater extent than users to your game too possibly fifty-fifty collect roughly donations or sell add-ons (preferably inwards a "release freely when sufficient funds are gathered" style). See this game for an successful example.

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