New Releases From The Worldforge Project.

Yesterday saw the unloose of a new version of the client-side software "Ember" for the Worldforge project (an open-source MMO framework).

The focus of this version was to ameliorate the world-editing features, as well as if non soundless included, the GoSC 2013 improvements (for illustration an updated terrain renderer) should larn inward in Ember shortly too.

Speaking of the GoSC 2013: Another projection benefiting from it nether the umbrella of Worldforge was Ryzom Core, the open-sourced MMORPG engine behind the (older) commercial Ryzom MMORPG.

It seems similar their OpenGL3.0 renderer is making adept progress (see unopen to videos here), as well as they appear to accept lastly decided to tackle the lack of proper Blender tools yesteryear hiring individual to create it (see paid task promotion on Blender Artists). As it is an open-source projection this seems to accept been initiated yesteryear 1 of the developers only, as well as therefore perchance nosotros tin larn unopen to people to pledge unopen to extra funds to add together to the bounty he is offering?

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